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Are You Leaving Money on the Table With Your Thank You Pages?

Your thank you pages have the potential to nurture leads and to be one of the highest converting pages on your site, and yet they’re often thrown together as an afterthought.

In this article, I’ll share the importance of the thank you page in the customer journey, the key elements you need on the page and how you can increase conversion rates on your thank you page.

Why Are The Thank You Pages So Important?

How much thought did you put into your thank you page?

If you’re like many website owners, your thank you page is simply there to confirm someone has successfully opted in or completed a purchase. So what’s the big deal?

The big deal about your thank you page is that it marks a pivotal moment in the customer journey.

  • The lead nurturing journey
  • The customer retention journey

This is the point at which your user stops being a casual reader and tells you they’re interested in something, or they stop being a window shopper and become a paying customer.

Either way, that thank you page visitor is perfectly primed to take the next step in your sales process.

“Your thank you page marks the exact moment when a cold visitor becomes a warm lead.”

So how about your thank you page? Does it seize the opportunity to convert, or does it leave your prospects stranded with nowhere left to go?

Here are 3 key elements to put on your thank you page to start converting more leads to the next step in your sales process.

3 Key Elements to Put on Your Thank You Page

Every thank you page must have these 3 essential elements.

  1. A confirmation message
  2. A clear call to action
  3. Specific instructions on what to do next

Let’s dive into each of these elements in more detail.

1. A Confirmation Message

For a good customer experience, your thank you page must include a confirmation that the user’s action was successful.

A simple, “Thank you for subscribing!” or “Your order is complete!” will do just fine. Just make sure that it is clear to the user what just happened and what they should expect to happen next, if necessary i.e. someone will call you within 24hours.

But don’t stop here, if you want to stop leaving money on the table then you need to get your users to take another action straight away.

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2. Encourage further action – the Call to Action

Someone who has just chosen to take a step forward in their relationship with you, whether by virtue of becoming a lead or a customer, is in an ideal place for an invitation to further action.

You can simply add in a download to your lead magnet or signup button to your newsletters. Or, it could be more complex, like suggesting several blog posts for them to read.

Example thank you page CTA you could use:

  • Join your mailing list
  • Share on social media
  • Join a social media group
  • Ask them to register for a webinar or event
  • Cross sell a related product or offer
  • Ask them to create an account
  • Ask for feedback
    Read most popular blog articles
  • Offer a Free discovery call
  • Ask them to follow you on Social Media
  • Recommend a friend incentive

There’s so many more you could choose but you get the idea!

3. Specific Instructions

The last thing to put on your thank you page is specific instructions on exactly what to do next.

Now you’ve added a call to action you need to get users to actually take you up on it, tell them what to do next.

For example if you want new subscribers to sign up for your webinar, you could tell them to “Click on the big red button below to save your spot on the live call”. (See how these instructions are way more specific than simply saying, “Register for the webinar”?)

Your instructions don’t need to be lengthy. The point here is to be precise– people need instructions more than you may think.

Helping You Get The Most Out of Your Page

The thank you page is a critical piece in your custom journey, and it deserves to be treated like an asset rather than an afterthought.

After reading this post, hopefully, you have a clear idea of how to improve your thank you page and turn it into a conversion asset.

Remember to do the following with your page:

  • Communicate your genuine appreciation
  • Tell readers what to expect moving forward
  • Give readers a CTA

If you need help with optimising your thank you pages then get in touch today and I’ll be happy to help.

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